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Coconut Postcard

 Key West

Are you trying to find that perfect, unique gift for a loved one not fortunate enough to be with you on your trip to Key West? Our hand painted coconut postcards are the perfect answer! Are you getting concerned about how much space is left in your suitcase? Well, they don’t call ‘em postcards for nothing! We offer shipping, and your postcard will arrive unwrapped (as a big coconut in the mailbox). Always good for a laugh, and a memory they will have forever. Inventory is constantly changing, special requests generally available with 3 week notice (additional fee may apply).

Take It With You - $15

Ship It - $25

...and Restaurant Card

        The best deal in

             Key West!

(also goes great in a gift basket)

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Hand Painted



These are the same hand painted glasses you will see available in Mallory Square during the Sunset Celebration each night. Local artist Sara Tito and her talented family make each piece into a work of art. Did you want a special date or name(s) on your glass? Not a problem (although we do need a little notice). All glasses standardly have “Key West” on them.


personalization - $4.00

Hand Painted



Just in time for the holiday’s... These hand painted holiday ornaments make the perfect gift!  Local artist Derek Lyzwinsky paints a pretty picture of life in Key West into each tiny work of art. Would you like a special date or name(s) on your ornament? Not a problem (although we do need a little notice).


personalization - $4.00

Now Offering

Champagne Flutes & Pilsners!

Aloe Max (2 oz) - $5

Aloe Max (6 oz) - $13

Save-a-Tan (2 oz) - $5

Save-a-Tan (6 oz) - $13

Sample Pack - $6

Gel (2 oz) - $5

Key Lime, Mango, Coconut

Lotion (2 oz) - $5

Key Lime, Coconut, Mango

Key West Tan - $15

Sunsorb 8oz -$19

Sunsorb 2 oz $6.50


Office Hours

                    Tourism is EVERYDAY.....

            Therefore we are open EVERYDAY !