Who wants to be a millionaire? No doubt nearly everyone. But with all of the get rich quick schemes, lottery tickets, and endless overtime at uninspiring or exhausting jobs, many wonder if it’s the money they’re actually after. There’s got to be something more.

Key West entrepreneur and adventurist Sue Cooper offers insight in her new book Millionaire in Flip Flops: The Lifestyle Edition. In it, we discover how the former “executive of the year” traded in her corporate ladder rungs for the kicked-back life in Key West and found wealth beyond measure.

Cooper’s book illuminates the lifestyle and successful business she created for herself over the last decade and the attitude it took to get her there, offering clear, specific tasks throughout the chapters so readers can release old beliefs and design their own Millionaire in Flip Flops lifestyle.


  This is a walking/biking tour of places inhabited or frequented by writers throughout the history of Key West. The author cites the years when the writers were associated with the properties and locations, and which works were produced or influenced by their time there.

  She also relates anecdotes about the writers' activities and associations with one another in Key West. There are 50 short chapters, each representing a particular location and the one or more authors connected to that site. A thorough index, alphabetical by author, refers to all locations where the authors lived or visited.

This is a very entertaining tour for any visitor or local interested in Key West's rich and fascinating literary history.


Count Carl Von Cosel was brought before the courts in 1931 after the mummified remains of Elena Hoyos were discovered in his Key West home. Some called it a story of true love; others, the workings of a mad man.

In this chilling memoir, Von Cosel reveals the spirits of ancestors who guided him, conversations with Elena's ghost, detailed accounts of his attempts to reconstruct and revive her and the truth about their postmortem wedding.

This is the diary of Count Carl Von Cosel. His words, his thoughts and his secrets. His tale of love that extended beyond the grave.

  Tired of Working? Sick of the rat race? Feel like leaving it all behind? You are one step closer just by picking up this book. Quit Your Job and Move to Key West is your complete guide on how to do it by people who have made it happen. From making the decision to leave town and telling your boss to shove it, to finding a place to live and blending in with the local color, this guide has it all... Advice on acclimating to island life, historical tidbits,Key West fun facts, island anecdotes, secrets only locals know, reasons to quit and more. Follow in the footsteps of Jimmy Buffett and Ernest Hemingway. Nearly three million people visit Key West each year, but only 26,000 live here. Read this guide and you could be number 26,001.

Hand signed by Author! - $15

   Millions of people flock to tropical destinations each year, only to find themselves left out in the cold. You can avoid these pitfalls of paradise simply by reading this book. Key West 101 grabs the bull of paradise by the horns with humor and wisdom storming head first into 101 elements that make Key West one of America's favorite playgrounds. Chock full of historical tidbits, island anecdotes, witticisms and fun facts, Key West 101 is packed with useful information and the Sloan/Shultz style of humor that has become sysnonymous with Key West. It has been said that paradise is a journey, not a destination. Key West 101 will start your journey with a rolling laugh!

Hand signed by Author! - $13.50

  The Key West Key Lime Pie Cookbook features easy to follow recipes with step-by-step instructions that make you the expert. Mix and match 20 crusts, 20 fillings, 20 toppings and 20 sauces to create more than 150,000 varieties of Key West's signature dessert.

  Inside you will digest: Tips, tricks and trades from island locals that accompany a fascinating history of the dessert so you can create, sauce, garnish and serve the perfect sweet and saucy slice of Key lime pie every time. - Key lime pie's ancestral roots - The original Key lime pie recipe - 15 classic recipes from the past.

Includes low fat, gluten free and vegan recipes - Amusing facts you would never imagine - 45 secret ingredients revealed - And so much more. The most comprehensive collection of Key lime pie delights yet.

Hand signed by Author! - $16.00

Pounding Headache? Upset Stomach? Feel like gouging your head out with a vegetable peeler?

NEVER SUFFER A HANGOVER AGAIN! Millions of boozehounds across America suffer these hangover symptoms every morning, causing poor performance, needless suffering and countless lame excuses for refusing to get out of bed. You don't have to suffer.

Key West tops the of America's drinking towns with our first hangover dating back to the 18th Century. That's more than 300 years of hangover cures concocted, tested and perfected by such Key West greats as Tennessee Williams, President Harry S. Truman, Jimmy Buffett and even Ernest "Papa" Hemingway. The Key West Hangover Survival Guide is the first-ever collection of Southernmost hangover Knowledge. From tried and true cures to bizarre concoctions that could only come from Key West, this book has it all!


“A ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ for The Florida Keys”. The Key West Bucket List is a concise list of 100 integral activities that will immerse the user into the heart and soul of the people and culture of Key West.

Step beyond your typical guidebook and transform your time in The Florida Keys into an adventure filled with purpose, meaning and accomplishments you can check off along the way.

This Bucket List Guide is concise and to the point, so you can spend less time reading about what to do and more time doing it.

How many can you do?


Discover the dark side of paradise with 12 haunting tales of lost soldiers, famous authors, mysterious masks, water witches, and a love that continues beyond the grave.

Stories include The Water Witch, A Stiff Drink, The Devil's Masks, The Sentinel of Fort Taylor, The Lady in Blue, Ghost of the Overseas Highway, The Seance, Count Von Cosel, The Watcher, Ernest's Ghost, Hemingway's Ghost Cats, and La Finca Vigia.

Originally released in 2003 with Strange Key West, the 2015 version includes bonus stories, local legends, updated locations a different cover and dozens of new photos.


Key West’s past comes alive with thirteen incredible stories of the southernmost ghosts. From Victorian era spirits returning to claim what is rightfully theirs, to haunted dolls that continue to send chills down their visitors’ spines, Ghosts of Key West beautifully captures the true spirit of Florida’s second oldest city.

Ghosts of cigar makers, pirates, wreckers and voodoo practitioners all await you. While their ghostly journeys continue through time, yours is just about to begin.

Ghosts of Key West author David L. Sloan founded Key West’s original ghost tour and is the leading authority on the island’s hauntings.



In 1904, a doll was given as a gift to a young boy in Key West, Florida. The boy gave the doll his own name - Robert - and the two became inseparable. The doll was blamed for many things, and "I didn't do it - Robert did it" became a catchphrase in Key West. People heard the doll giggle and saw the doll move without help from any human. Voodoo was suspected.

Today Robert resides in a protective case at a Key West museum where hundreds of visitors each year experience things not normally associated with dolls. The doll's origins have been questioned for years.

This book reveals Robert's true origins: legends surrounding the doll are traced back to their original sources, and the true story of Robert the Doll is revealed.


Dogs of Key West, UNLEASHED!, is a souvenir book of interesting Conch Republic canines. The 76 page book contains 30 local dogs (and a couple local pigs) each with their own spread. Each spread contains beautiful photos, fun facts and a cute dog joke all done on high quality gloss paper.

DKW makes a great gift for a gift basket or as a souvenir to remember your visit to the Florida Keys and the dogs of Key West. If your just arriving in Key West FL it would be fun to take DKW with you and find all of the Conch Republic canines and places listed in the book!   Enjoy!

Hand signed by Author! - $16.00




vol. 12


  A beautiful, hard bound photo memory book by local freelance photographer Travis Smith. Capturing some of Key West’s most memorable sights. A great addition to any coffee table or library collection.

Postcards from Paradise

Hand signed! - $30

Something to read while relaxing by the pool
...or beach